Conferences 2018


ICH-GCP Investigator Site Personnel 2017/2018UCC January - November 2018
NPEC Study Day 2018 Neonatal Care in Ireland UCC 19th January, 2018Register
Spring Recruitment Fair (Graduate Jobs & Internships) - 23rd January, 2018UCC 23rd January, 2018Register
Summer Camps & Summer Jobs Fair UCC24th January, 2018Register
Structured Interview for Prodromal Syndromes (SIPS) - 25th-26th January, 2018UCC25th-26th January, 2018
ICH GCP Refresher Course for Investigator Site Personnel 2017/2018UCCFebruary - December 2018Register
Language Jobs Fair - 5th February, 2018UCC5th February, 2018Register
Teaching Recruitment Fair 2018 - 19th February, 2018UCC19th February, 2018Register
Law and Environment Conference 2018 UCC26th April, 2018Register
32nd Irish Conference of Historians – 26-28 April, 2018UCC26-28 April, 2018
The Future of Security Seminar Department of Electrical Engineering, UCC 9 May, 2018
Mental Health and Capacity Law Conference – 12th May 2018UCC12th May 2018
Introduction to Clinical Research, Thursday 24th May 2018UCC24th May 2018Register
MaREI Symposium - 12th - 13th June 2018 UCC12th - 13th June 2018
EPA Biomethane Incentivisation Seminar UCC13th June 2018
American Conference for Irish Studies – 18th - 22nd June, 2018UCC18th - 22nd June, 2018
Perforum Conference 2018 UCC21st June 2018Register
Embedding Digital Literacies in HEIs – 21st – 22nd June, 2018UCC21st - 22nd June, 2018Register
Young Cancer Researchers Networking 2018 – 21st – 22nd June, 2018UCC21st – 22nd June, 2018Register
Postgraduate Symposium 'Beyond Borders' 28th - 29th June 2018UCC28th - 29th June, 2018Register
19th International Society for Serotonin Research Meeting – 15-19 July, 2018UCC15-19 July, 2018Register
2018 CRITICS Workshop – 26th – 31st August, 2018UCC26th – 31st August, 2018Register
Annual Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference: 3-5 September 2018UCC3rd September, 2018Register
19th International Nursing Ethics Conference –1st – 2nd September, 2018UCC 1st – 2nd September, 2018Register
IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Energy from Biogas Conference – 6th September 2018UCC6th September 2018Register
The IEEE International 3D Systems Integration ConferenceTyndall National Institute9th - 11th October 2018Register
Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization ConferenceUCC 2nd-3rd November, 2018Register
All Hazards Forensics Conference
UCC27th – 28th November, 2018Register
Please contact the Conference UCC at for more details on any of these events.