Large Cooperative Research Infrastructures: a Transatlantic Dialog in an Irish Perspective 17/06/2013-18/06/2013

This workshop will bring together a broad spectrum of scientists, politicians and policy makers, from Ireland, Europe and the USA, to consider the possibilities for development in Ireland of international large-scale science facilities. Such a facility would make a substantial contribution to the area of science in which is it based over a 10-30 year period. Strong contenders, relevant in the Irish context include: (1) a multi-purpose Atlantic Ocean platform for testing of aquaculture and wave-energy applications and study of the ocean-atmosphere interface and deep-sea ecosystem, (2) a distributed, comprehensive environmental monitoring system throughout the island of Ireland, as part of a larger international environmental monitoring system, (3) a large-scale international data hosting facility.

Discussion Topics:
1. Marine Science & Engineering
2. Large-scale Computational & Data Facilities
3. Environmental Monitoring & Modelling
4. Radio-astronomy
5. EU Research Infrastructure Policy
6. US-EU Collaborative Research Policy

Central Question – What steps should Ireland take over the next 5-10 years to develop and host an international scientific facility or large-scale cooperative project, which would make a major contribution to the scientific infrastructure and scientific knowledge of Europe and the World?
Workshop Objectives:
1. Exchange of information on scientific priorities between Irish science community and Irish Higher Education leadership, Irish Government Research Policy leadership, EU policy leadership, potential US collaborators.
2. Identification of (a small number of) projects, that could be pursued further – in particular, within the context of current or developing EU and/or EU-US policies and funding instruments.
3. Definition of the necessary coalitions required and concerted actions to be taken by EU, US, Irish Government, Higher Education Sector and targeted research organizations, to achieve success in securing a leading international facility in Ireland.
4. Nucleation of the coalition of scientists, research & education policy leaders and government, who would develop specific proposals for projects/facilities.

Contact: Mary O'Regan, email:, tel: +353 21 2346372

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