After the Conference

1. I am extending my stay, what can I do in Cork?

We are delighted that you have decided to Extend Your Stay. Cork is permeated with parks, galleries, shops, restaurants, theatres and historical buildings so visitors are never short of recreational options. Simultaneously it possesses a small-town familiarity and visitors can navigate the city on foot with ease. Cork is widely known as The Food Capital of Ireland. The city and university work well together in providing visitors with a rich academic and extra-curricular experience. Cork City provides endless entertainment in the form of plays, concerts, exhibitions, shopping and festivals. County Cork, on the other hand, offers one of the country’s most spectacular views, ancient monuments and natural wonders.

2. Can I get a certificate of attendance?

You can apply for a certificate of attendance at our Conferencing website. Please fill in the details of the conference and your contact details, including the address to which your certificate should be delivered.