Audio Visual Services on Campus

University College Cork utilises the most up-to-date audiovisual teaching and conferencing technologies. Its general lecturing and teaching areas have extensive sound, video, slide, overhead, computer data projection facilities, simultaneous translation and video conferencing.

Audio Visual Services also provide large scale conference facilities, including sound reinforcement, video/data projection and simultaneous translation systems, both on and off campus. Video conference systems in various configurations are also available for worldwide distance education and communication.


Overhead, slide & dual slide, large screen video, computer data and movie film.

Performance sound systems, P.A system, loop induction systems, simultaneous translation/interpretation, conference/seminar recording, audio tape production and tape duplication.

Programme production, editing/post production, location video recording, off-air recording, satellite reception, standards conversion, video & audio relay, (fibre optics), video tape duplication, desktop and group video conferencing.

Computer generated slides, drafting & layout, image recording, medical illustration, poster layout and design. Internet: Internet access is available upon request General: Teaching space design, full A/V support for conferences and equipment hire.


Video Conferencing Unit

Video conferencing facilities at the Audio Visual Unit in University College Cork consist of a purpose built meeting room with five contributor and up to ten observer positions. The simple mouse operated system is uncomplicated and user friendly.

Facilities include document camera and PC interface for graphic displays and screen show presentations. The unit may also be linked to any of the major lecture theatres on campus allowing people at remote sites worldwide to contribute to meetings and conferences in University College Cork.

Technical Details

The unit uses Basic Rate ISDN lines allowing calls at 128kbit/sec (2 channel) to 384kbit/sec (6 channel) bandwidths. The AVT Titan unit can communicate with nearly all other manufacturers equipment using the H320 suite of standards.

BT, PT, PANASONIC, PICTURETEL, SATELCOM, SONY, TANDBERG and V-TEL will connect with the college system using both H221 channel aggregation and BONDING protocols.