Conferences 2018


2018 CRITICS Workshop – 26th – 31st August, 2018UCC26th – 31st August, 2018
Annual Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference: 3-5 September 2018UCC3rd September, 2018
19th International Nursing Ethics Conference –1st – 2nd September, 2018UCC 1st – 2nd September, 2018
IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Energy from Biogas Conference – 6th September 2018UCC6th September 2018
The IEEE International 3D Systems Integration ConferenceTyndall National Institute9th - 11th October 2018
START Doctors Conference6th October, 2018
UCC Recruitment Fair, 10th October 2018UCC10th October, 2018Register
Open Science @ UCC UCC31st October – 2nd November, 2018
Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization ConferenceUCC 2nd-3rd November, 2018
Medical Graduates Association Annual Scientific Conference 2018UCC3rd November, 2018
Overcoming Obstacles in Biobanking for Translational Cancer Research UCC20th November, 2018
Introduction to Clinical ResearchUCC21st November 2018
PARANOIA IN THE AMERICAS American Anxieties in a Transnational Context UCC24th November, 2018
All Hazards Forensics Conference
UCC27th – 28th November, 2018
The Rule rather than the Exception: Embedding Implementation Science in Population and Health Services Research to Promote Effective TranslationNano Nagle Place 28th November, 2018
Please contact the Conference UCC at for more details on any of these events.