All Hazards Forensics Conference – 27th – 28th November, 2018

The All Hazards Forensics Conference will take place Tuesday 27th November – Wednesday 28th 2018 in Devere Hall, UCC.

This conference is a spin off conference series that has been established from the FP7 project GIFT. The successful interrogation of evidence either at a crime scene contaminated with chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) agents, or of the agents themselves back at the lab, is an absolutely vital part of CBRN defence. The interest in forensics in CBRN incidents and forensic research in a contaminated environment (All Hazards) has risen in the past couple of years. The focus of the conference is on best practice for all hazard forensic investigation at the scene.

The two-day conference will cover sampling and prosecution with contributions and case studies from several stakeholders. The event brings together experts from leading European and North American institutes to discuss scientific methodology and techniques to go through the various stages: detection, sample collection, sample transport, identification, attribution, hazard mitigation and prosecution.

For further information, please contact Eric Moore at e.moore@ucc.ie  or on (021) 490 2208.

173 tickets available