Urban Space and the Body, 9-10 June 2017

An International Conference of the “Cross-Disciplinary Urban Space” Network

University College Cork

Organizers: Silvia Ross (UCC) and Giulio Giovannoni (Università degli Studi di Firenze)

Cities consist of much more than the built environment and the physical space they occupy: they are experienced by and through the body. As humans, we inhabit, traverse and construct our urban space, shaping the city, as it, in turn, shapes us. This interdisciplinary, international conference seeks to explore the many ways in which the city is perceived by the body and how urban space influences the corporeality of those who pass through or abide within it. As part of the ‘Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Urban Space’ network, this conference aims to investigate the ways in which different disciplines engage with the body and urban issues, in areas ranging from architecture, urban planning, literature, film studies, geography, history, linguistics, philosophy, art history, sociology, drama and theatre studies, anthropology, among others.

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  • Conference dinner is at Jacob's on the Mall, Sat 10 June at 20.30.
  • Walking tour of Cork City by Tom Spalding, departs ORB at 17.30 on Sat 10 June, max 30 participants.
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Product Description

Topics of investigation could include:

  • the performance of place;
  • ruins, wounded cities and sick bodies;
  • in and out of place—gender and sexuality in the city;
  • architectures of affect and emotion;
  • mobility and immobility in the city;
  • disability and the urban sphere;
  • industrialization, the environment and the body;
  • invisible subjects and hidden spaces;
  • the migrant body in the urban sphere;
  • streetwalking and flânerie;
  • post-human approaches to urban studies;
  • sensing the city;
  • bodies, borders and abject spaces;
  • urban spaces of childhood;
  • public assemblies and urban spaces;
  • danger zones and bodily safety;
  • policing the body in the city;
  • cyborgs and virtual worlds;
  • systems of urban circulation;
  • public festivals, bodies, and ideologies;
  • urban space, bodies, and the affirmation of collective and individual identities

Goals and Outcomes:

The ‘Urban Space and the Body’ Conference is conceived as an intensive workshop, meaning that sessions will be plenary and presenters will be expected to attend and participate throughout the duration of the conference. The Conference has four major goals:

  1. To advance the debate on urban space and the body from different disciplinary perspectives, taking into account their mutual influence;
  2. To explore theoretical perspectives, as well as theoretically-informed case studies on the corporeal and urban space in a comparative context,
  3. To enhance critical awareness about the complex and problematic (political, social, economic, cultural etc.) effects of architecture and urban design on the body,
  4. To extend the network of scholars interested in investigating urban space from different disciplinary perspectives already initiated with the seminar “Crossdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Space” held in the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence in the 2014 spring semester and the conference organized in Florence on 27-28 June 2016.

Conference email address: conference@crossdisciplinaryurbanspace.com

Conference web site: http://www.ucc.ie/en/italian/conferences/urbanspaceandthebody/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/crossdisciplinaryurbanspace/

The organizers anticipate that a peer-reviewed collection of selected essays, to be published with an academic press, will result from the conference.