Young Cancer Researchers Networking 2018 – 21st – 22nd June, 2018

The ideals of the Young Cancer Researchers Networking (YCRN) 2018 event can be captured in three words: Inspire, Connect, Interact.

The purpose of the YCRN event is to assemble and support the interdisciplinary translational cancer research community in Ireland and promote the profile of Irish cancer research in Europe.

The principal theme of the first Young Cancer Researchers Networking workshop is dedicated to the current advances in translational oncology. It will be delivered in the form of oral and poster presentations showcasing pioneering results in cancer research.

The Conference will take place from Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd June, 2018 in the Western Gateway Building, Room G05. 

For all inquiries please direct to Joanna Szaub-Newton, College of Medicine and Health at joanna.szaubnewton@ucc.ie

For more information visit: https://www.ucc.ie/en/ycrn/


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Product Description

The key objective of the first Young Cancer Researchers Networking workshop is to create an opportunity for Junior Cancer Researchers to identify and develop their future partnerships and to promote the advance of translational cancer research.

The YCRN event is aimed at currently registered postgraduate research students. YCRN conference is a platform for PhD and MD/PhD students to report their scientific discoveries as selected speakers. In addition, postgraduate students presenting their research at the YCRN event will have an opportunity to increase the exposure of and feedback on their research. The event is also open to the established cancer researchers and research group leaders.

We have created six scientific sessions with themes including cancer cell death and survival, drug discovery and development of novel methods for cancer treatment, synthetic biology and cancer therapy, cancer immunology and immunotherapy, cell signalling and trafficking. We have also created a session dedicated to the discussion of research applications (examples: Cancer Care, start-up company and clinical trials implementation). Each session will be chaired by two postgraduate students and a Principal Investigator associated with Cancer Research at University College Cork. An opening talk during each scientific session will be delivered by an expert on the subject, followed by three talks presented by PhD students. Session 5 – Translational Research, will highlight four senior researchers presenting a case study, a start-up company overview or clinical trials outline.

We recognise that research is most effectively communicated through direct interaction. YCRN workshop will enable researchers at the early stage of their careers to interact and build a network of scientific contacts and collaborations. This conference will promote the establishment of new collaborations between young European investigators of differing skills and professions and as a result, it will promote stronger future research proposals in the cancer research field.